Reservation Process

Please note: we strongly advise that flights are not booked until confirmation is received – your accommodation dates can be slightly altered to suit your flights at a later date.


  1. Select the Main Resort Booking button to access the form. Fill out and submit using the submit button at the end of the form
  2. We will notify you of availability
  3. We will then notify you on how to Pay (this is time sensitive, so do not delay too long in paying to ensure your accommodations)
  4. When Payment is received and cleared the reservation will be made
  5. Confirmation is sent via email confirming your payment and on your reservation and other resort information
  6. Airline arrival information for all guests must be provided a minimum 2 to 3 weeks prior to your arrival date to arrange transportation to the resort


Sister Resorts

Lifestyle Holidays’ Peurto Plata is our main resort, however through our Vacation Club Membership we also have access to thousands of resorts all over the world. Resorts in the Caribbean include Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, St Martin and St Lucia as well as many others.

If there is a resort or country you would like to visit please drop us a line and we will give you details of other resorts that match your requirements. Bookings are made the same way as given in the steps above, bookings to sister resorts go through our main resort to the sister resort agents so please allow for time zones.

You may start the process by selecting the Sister Resort Booking button and filling out and submitting the form

Please note all bookings must be made using the “Main Resort Booking” form or the “Sister Resort Booking” form.

Do you have a question?

If you have question regarding our web site or about Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club and the resorts please send us an email and we will be glad to answer your question(s).

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