What is all-inclusive fee?

All-inclusive fee is a mandatory charge set up by the resort. The fee is charged per person per day. The rate is based upon the accommodation type selected. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years are 50% off the rate, per child per day.  Children under 3 are free.
The all-inclusive fee includes unlimited food and drinks except where noted.


What do I do upon arrival at the airport in Puerto Plata?

Upon arrival at the Puerto Plata International Airport you will be required to have all your custom and immigration forms completed and ready for inspection. You will also be required to purchase a $10USD Tourist Card. Some airlines may provide these, please check with your flight attendant.
Once you complete your forms and pass through the Customs & Immigration area, you will enter the luggage pickup area. Get your luggage and proceed outside the terminal building.
Look for a transportation host with a “Name Sign”. You will be taken directly to the resort. Please inform your driver of your confirmed accommodations (i.e. Presidential Suite).


How long does it take to get to the resort from the Puerta Plata airport?

Puerto Plata is about 1/2 Hour from the resort.


Does every villa have its own pool?

Yes, every villa has it’s private pool that is exclusive to you.


If only two people travel, can we reserve 5-bedroom villa?

The villas are booked based on the number of people visiting. In circumstances where only one couple travels, a 3 bedroom villa will be reserved.


Is the Internet available in the villa?

Free Internet access is available at various locations around the resort.


How much are airport transfers?

Transfer from Puerto Plata airport to the resort is included with your VIP booking.
Please ensure the resort has your travel plans and flight information at least two weeks prior to your arrival to allow us to arrange your airport pickup.


Can I rent a car?

Car rentals are available, but it is not generally recommended to rent a car. There are no “rules of the road” in the Dominican Republic, and driving can be hazardous. Insurance is non-existent.


Are there any other fees?

There are no hidden fees at the resort.
You will need to pay a $10USD tourist entrance fee to the government upon your arrival into the Dominican Republic. Some airlines may include this with your airfare.


How can I protect my valuables?

You may rent an in-room safe to protect your personal effects and valuables. These are available for $20USD per week.


Are all my drinks included?

Food and drinks are included in your all-inclusive package, except in the Vibe and ICE Nightclub, where drinks are charged separately.


How do I book restaurants?

Please visit or call VIP Services on Sundays to reserve your evening meals for the coming week.


Do I have to attend a timeshare sales presentation?

This resort does not sell timeshares, however would like the opportunity to offer you a membership in the resort. Such a presentation is purely optional, only if you are interested.


Am I required to tip everyone ?

Tipping is purely at your discretion if you feel you received good service.
Tips can be offered in US or Canadian currency, or Dominican Pesos.
Off the resort, US dollars and Dominican Pesos are accepted.

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